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Price: 2.5$ FOR 250 LITER

With shipment Tự đến lấy sản phẩm for 2 ₫

VISAN HYDROCHLORIC HYGIENE is a perfect combination of NPK elements together with eleven elements and micronutrients to create a hydrated hydroponic nutrient environment for optimum growth of vegetables. Leaves, fruits, tubers, optimal for amino acid formation, enzymes, chlorophyll, sugar, root growth, etc. of plants.

- The product is not excess nitrate -NO3, No heavy metal elements toxic in vegetables, fruits, fruits.

Benefits of VISAN HYDROCHLENIC solution

1. Save cost only 150 VND / 1 liter of plant solution

2. Provide adequate nutrition to help plants grow best.

3. Promote the development of roots, help absorb nutrients faster, create lush green leaves.

4. Create high resistance easily against pests and diseases

5. Increase the productivity and quality of vegetables

6. No residue, nitrate salt residue -NO3

7. Easy to store and transport under all conditions.

- Part A: Nitrogen (N) - Calcium (Ca)

Available Phosphate (P2O5) - Magnesium as Mg - Chelax Fe And other trace elements 0.03% (Mn, Cu, Zn, Mo, B) - Part B: Total Nitrogen (N) - Soluble Potassium (K2O)






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 VISAN specializes in providing systems, equipments in hydroponics, hydroponics drops. It is the most intelligent solution of planting vegetables for the household and the farms that delivery fresh vegetables.                                         



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